Crate Beds for Dogs and Cats

Nobody makes Pet Beds like MidWest Homes for Pets! To begin with, all our beds are manufactured under our strict quality-control standards. That means they’re inspected on a daily basis at each phase of our production operations, and we conduct random, full-scale inspections throughout the year.

To further ensure the quality of our Pet Beds, we see to it that they’re completely washable by testing every one of them through 100 washes!

A majority of these beds are designed to fit wire dog crates. But they can be placed outside the crate, too, and used anywhere in your house or vehicle.

Our Crate Bed Line-Up

QuietTime® Deluxe Double-Bolster Beds

QuietTime® Reversible Crate Pads

QuietTime® Cushioned Crate Mats

QuietTime® Deluxe Coco Chic Pet Beds

QuietTime® Defender Floral Paradise Beds

QuietTime® Maxx Ultra-Rugged Pet Beds

QuietTime® Reversible Paw Print/Fleece Pet Beds

QuietTime® Bolster Beds

QuietTime® Deluxe Ombre Swirl Pet Bed

QuietTime® Deluxe Ultra Soft Beds

QuietTime® Fashion Pet Beds (Bolster Beds)

QuietTime® Deluxe Pet Mat

QuietTime® Deluxe Micro Terry Pet Beds

QuietTime® Deluxe Quilted Reversible Mats –VST

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