MidWest offers various programs to assist retail stores: 

Authorized Dealer Program
Retail Cooperative Advertising Program
New Store Rebate Program
Authorized Dealer Program

Becoming a MidWest Authorized Dealer will immediately set you apart from your competitors … your business will distinguish itself by offering the markets leading products backed by extended warranties, volume rebates, increased co-operative advertising assistance; free POP signage and consumer education materials; professional, prompt and helpful sales support from MidWest’s headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.

MidWest will bring new customers into your stores — let them know that you sell MidWest by becoming an Authorized Dealer today! 

For Details, Terms, and Conditions about our Three-Tier Authorized Dealer Program, contact your MidWest representative or call 800-428-8560.

Retail Cooperative Advertising Program
MidWest will reimburse 50% of the cost of space allocated to its products in your co-op advertisement in newspaper and other print media.


  •  A $500 minimum purchase of MidWest products within 30 days prior to the ad.
  •  No competitive products in same ad.
  •  Ad must show a MidWest home and the MidWest Homes For Pets logo.
  •  Copy must state “Solves Behavioral Problems and Cuts Housebreaking Time In Half”.


 Materials provided:

  •  A wide selection of line drawings, ad slicks and logos to create your own ad.
  •  Reimbursement qualifications:
  •  Copy of ad (tear sheet).
  •  Media invoice for ad.
  •  Distributor invoice (dated no more than 30 days prior to ad) verifying purchase requirements for retailers
  • In all instances, the rebate paid will not exceed the amount of MidWest products purchased for the co-op ad regardless of the advertisement’s cost.


MidWest will limit its co-op participation to no more than a total of $500 a year per dealer. MidWest reserves the right to refuse payment where the above mentioned terms and conditions are not fulfilled. MidWest will pay only for ad space … not store name, phone numbers, etc. MidWest further reserves the right to terminate the plan on a 30 day written notice.

 Please Note: CLASSIFIED AD – the above requirements for a MidWest Home, logo and the statement “Solves Behavioral Problems and Cuts Housebreaking Time In Half” will be waived for a “Classified Ad” only.

New Store Rebate Program
In order to qualify for your NEW STORE REBATE, you must receive your initial order within 2 weeks of your Grand Opening. The following schedule indicates the rebate you may receive from MidWest for your new store inventory of the complete MidWest product line. This rebate is in addition to your distributor’s opening order discounts.

Net Purchased Value Earned Rate 
$250  5%
$500 7.5%
$750 10%


All rebates will be paid on an after discount (net) value of invoice. This program is valid for all independent retailers only. Retail locations affiliated with authorized MidWest distributors will not qualify for new store rebates. Only new store inventory will qualify for this rebate. MidWest reserves the right to verify initial inventory before rebates are processed. Any product not used in the initial new store set up will be disallowed.

To receive your discount, please send a copy of your distributor’s invoice to the following address:

MidWest Homes For Pets
Attn: New Store Rebate
3142 S. Cowan Rd.
Muncie, IN 47302

 Please Note: For best results, a MidWest home display including one #86, one #36 and one #37, should be set up with our Breed Size Chart (#5007), “A Guide For Raising Your Puppy” brochures (#5003) and “How Do They Stack Up” brochures (#5013).