Exercise Pens for Pets from Dogs to Ducks

Hey, it’s true for humans, and there’s no doubt about it: pets need exercise, too! A properly exercised pet is a happier, healthier pet. Especially those that normally require a greater degree of confinement. But even pets that are allowed to roam widely can’t always be given unlimited space in which to move about, play, and keep those muscles working. That’s where MidWest exercise pens come in.

We offer a choice of models, any of which can accommodate animals ranging from dogs to ducks. You’ll find whichever one you choose a great playground for your pet, indoors or out.

Our lineup starts with very affordable exercise pens – some with doors, some without – featuring eight 2-foot-wide panels that can be arranged in a number of configurations.

Pens with Step-Thru doors allow your pet to step easily into or out of the pen.

Our LifeStages® exercise pens are available with a split door or a full door. With the split door, you have easier access to your pet through the top half of the door, while the lower half keeps him secure inside the pen. It’s an ideal solution for small or very young pets. The full door is great for larger or more mature pets when you don’t mind them having easy entrance or egress.

LifeStages® exercise pens also provide you with our exclusive, patented MAXLock® Door System. This ingenious ergonomic setup lets you open and close the door without having to bend over, kneel, or stretch, while multiple lockpoints secure the door when closed.

All MidWest pet exercise pens come in our attractive, durable Black E-Coat finish. Pens with doors let you choose between Black E-Coat or a stunning Gold Zinc finish. We also offer a LifeStages® Fashion Edition of our exercise pens, which lets you opt for one of these engaging finish colors: Hey Baby Blue or Pretty in Pink!

As with every product we make, our exercise pens are manufactured to the strictest quality-control procedures. They’re followed daily during each production operation. Beyond that, we also conduct random, full-scale quality inspections throughout the year.

Explore this website to see our entire offering of exercise pens and accessories and discover their many great features and benefits. Need further details? Please contact MidWest Homes for Pets™ anytime. We’ve got what’s best to keep your pet – and you! – healthy, happy, and full of vitality!

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