Have you ever searched around your house for your cat, only to find them perched on top of the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards? Even if you’ve provided plenty of cozy areas on the ground level, there are several reasons cats prefer to stay elevated.

Cats have a natural survivor instinct that they share with their wild feline relatives. Wild cats, like jaguars, panthers, and cougars often stay on tree branches or hills in order to protect themselves from predators and stalk their prey. Even though your house cat won’t do much more hunting than the occasional mouse, they still feel safest when they can hang out in a high place.

Another reason your cat climbs might be that they just want some alone time. If you have multiple pets or small children running around, your cat is likely on high alert and needs some time away to recharge. If you find them hiding up high somewhere, they probably want to be left alone for a bit. 

Sometimes, cats just want to have fun. If your cat is in a frisky mood, they might feel like zipping up and down the dresser as fast as they can. Especially if you live in a smaller space, cats will start exploring vertically if they’ve already seen everything on the ground.

Just because your cat is spending lots of time in high places, that doesn’t mean they’re bored or they don’t want to spend time with you. It’s perfectly normal for cats to explore as much as they can. Even though they say a cat always lands on its feet, it’s important to make sure there are never open windows nearby and any furniture they jump on is stable.

One safe way to offer your cat playtime, elevation, and resting spots is with a multi-level cat furniture like the Feline Nuvo® Tower. This allows your cat to have a comfortable elevated perch bed to recharge and keep watch, as well as hanging plush balls and sisal scratch posts to keep them entertained. Your cat will be especially happy if you place it near a window so they can watch the birds and bask in the warm sun.