How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog

Your dog’s bed is where he should feel safe and comfortable, and where he looks forward to sleeping every day. Choosing the best bed for your dog is an important decision, but since you can’t just ask him what he wants, think about how your dog is most comfortable sleeping. Does he like to curl up and nestle? Does he prefer to sprawl out in all directions? Or maybe he’s more of a snuggler who likes to likes the security of a pillow nearby.

Consider your dog’s age and ability as well. If he is aging or recovering from an injury, a firm orthopedic bed that reduces stress on joints may be the way to go. 

For the Nestlers:

If your dog loves to curl up in a little ball, a Nesting Bed like the QuietTime Deluxe Tulip Bed might be just what they need. The high, puffy sides give your dog a sense of safety and keep him warm and cozy.

For the Sprawlers:

If you have a dog who loves to spread out like he owns the place (and he kind of does, right?) you might need a large rectangle bed like a QuietTime Couture Empress Mattress. There’s plenty of room to stretch out and the firm, supportive cushion makes it a perfect resting spot.

For the Snugglers:

If your dog is always calling dibs on your couch, get him a comfy sofa of his own, like a QuietTime Couture Hampton! This sofa allows your dog to sleep in multiple positions, with a tall wraparound bolster to lean against and snuggle up next to. 

For the Seniors:

If you have an aging pup with stiff joints and sore muscles, he needs maximum, balanced support to evenly hold his weight and relieve pressure points. MidWest offers several designs and styles of orthopedic beds to best fit your dog’s sleeping tendencies. 

Of course there are many other designs and styles available to provide your pet with the plushest, coziest lounging retreat for a good long time, whether you place it in a crate or use it as a standalone bed. Browse all of our bed options and even shop by breed size to find the perfect winter bed.