Alternative Wire Mesh Car Barriers for Pets


  • Versatile design adjusts to fit minivans, SUVs, crossover vehicles, wagons
  • Keep pets to rear of vehicle, safely away from driver and passengers
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Rubber molding protects vehicle interior components
  • Heavy-duty 2-inch mesh, 5- and 9-gauge wire
  • Keeps pet to rear of vehicle, safely away from driver & passengers


With our Wire Mesh Pet Barrier, MidWest Homes for Pets™ offers you an excellent alternative means of protection for your pet when he’s riding in your vehicle. Like our Tubular Car Barrier, our Wire Mesh Barrier also is fully adjustable and able to fit in nearly all vehicle makes and models. Its Black Electro-coat finish, besides being attractive, cuts glare so your visibility isn’t impeded while you’re driving. And a special rubber component on the barrier helps protect both your vehicle interior and your pet during travel.

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