Pet Waste Management Solutions

If it has to do with pets – anything at all – MidWest Homes for Pets™ addresses it! One thing we understand perfectly is how bothersome and difficult it can be to deal with pet waste. Never fear! Our top designers and product developers have come with two great solutions!

Handy Doody® Waste Rake – Model 66


  • Patented design
  • The best all-terrain pick-up tool – for use in grass, gravel, sand, and kitty litters
  • Permits easy one-handed raking action
  • Sturdy all-steel construction
  • Rust-resistant finish


Dry Paws Training and Floor Protection Pads


  • Ideal for puppies, aging dogs, and all indoor dogs
  • Pads far more absorbent than other leading brands
  • Quilted “no-track” surface of super-absorbent polymer quickly locks in moisture to help keep your pet healthy and your floors clean
  • Plastic backing and sealed edges further protect floors
  • Dual-action attractant simplifies puppy training, neutralizes odors
  • Perfect for house-breaking new puppies, providing a place where they can eliminate when you’re not available to let them out
  • Also good for older pets who have a hard time getting outside or can’t hold on long enough
  • Especially useful for apartment dwellers or those who live in homes with limited surrounding outdoor space


Plastic Puppy Pad Holder


  • Holds pad securely in place
  • Made of durable, easy-to-clean plastic
  • Accommodates 23-inch by 24-inch puppy pads or larger


Our Handy Doody® Waste Rake, Dry Paws™ Training and Floor Protection Pads, and Plastic Puppy Pad Holder: three more reasons why pet lovers trust MidWest Homes for Pets and have made us the industry leader in pet training products!

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