Loro Flight Bird Cages


  • Perfect for birds from Finches through Amazons
  • Gives your bird the space needed for wing-stretching exercise, resulting in a much healthier and happier bird
  • Interlocking panels allow quick and easy, no-tools assembly
  • Removable roof with top grate allows use of UV light
  • Cage doors feature fully “bird-proof” locking latches!
  • Stainless-steel outside access food cups
  • Wood perch
  • Breeder box access door
  • Interchangeable slideout pan and floor grate levels
  • Available in Pearl White


Bird lovers have come to know MidWest Homes for Pets Avian Adventures Loro Flight cages for their unique "lift off" playpens. These can be removed from the top of the cage and placed on a stand or table to provide a separate play area, away from the cage. Another top selling point is the ample room this cage provides for birds to stretch their wings while still keeping them safe and secure.

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