Birdcages and Accessories for Birds

Our MidWest Avian Adventures® birdcages are widely recognized by consumers and industry experts alike as the best made and most innovative birdcages on the market. They constitute a complete line of high-end birdcages specifically designed with your bird’s safety, comfort, and well-being in mind. They’re also affordably priced ... for your well-being! It doesn’t matter what kind of bird you own, either. We have cages ideal for them all – from parakeets to parrots, from cockatoos to toucans, from lovebirds to macaws and all sorts of birds in between.

Each cage allows feed and water access from the outside and comes with stainless steel bowls. We ship all our cages with perches, too, as well as bird-resistant locking door latches. And if these features weren’t enough to recommend our MidWest Avian Adventures® birdcages, we powder-coat them with durable, attractive high-gloss colors in Ruby, Platinum, and White so you can choose which best complements your décor.

Included in our product lineup are Dometop cages, Playtop cages, cages for traveling birds, Flight cages, Protégé cages, Vista cages, a Recreation Center, a Playstand, and birdcage accessories. We also offer a line of outdoor Hen Haven chicken coops!

Dometop cages give your bird more space in which to move around. Playtop cages, in addition to their removable trays, perches, and stainless steel feed and water bowls, provide a hook to which you can attach a toy that’ll keep your bird amused for hours. Playtops also make it easier for you to free your bird from confinement so he can stretch his wings and fly a bit. These are just some of the many features worth pointing out here. All were designed to provide your bird with an environment that encourages exercising both body and soul.

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