Bird Cage Accessories

Dometop Converters


  • Convert a MidWest Avian Adventures Playtop to a Dometop and add more flight room
  • Easy installation – switching tops is always an option
  • Available for Nina, Chiquita, Mediana, and Grande Playtops


Playtop Converters


  • Convert a MidWest Avian Adventures Dometop into a Playtop cage
  • Make great tabletop play gyms for birds
  • Available for Nina, Chiquita, and Mediana Dometops.
  • All cages come with our mirror-finish stainless-steel cups.


Resting Shelves


  • Sturdy, functional add-ons, the perfect accessories that provide the utility of an additional level as well as a convenient spot to place bird “playthings” that cannot be hung from the cage
  • Designed for small-to-medium-sized birds and Parrots
  • Also work well for birds with perching difficulties
  • Available in Platinum, Black, Pearl White, or Ruby.




  • Extra perches available for all cages
  • Designed with horizontal


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