Nation Accessories


Nation Accessories – Fabric:
  • Fabric Accessories Include:
  • Cozy Cube and Busybodie Blankie
  • Ultra-Soft, Durable Washer and Dryer Safe 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Hammock Hideaway available 
--in Large and Small
  • Hide & Seek Tunnel

MidWest Homes for Pets offers a full line of accessories custom designed to fit Ferret Nation® and Critter Nation™ cages! Ultra-soft teal and purple fleece covers easily slip over Nation cage shelves, pans, and ramps providing traction and a pleasing touch for little critter feet. And hammocks, tunnels, and cubes will fulfill your critter's instinct to borrow, play, and nest in cozy spaces. All Nation Accessories fleece is easy-care, machine washable, 100% polyester.
Hammock Hideaway
The Perfect Hanging Hideaway 
for Your Critter!
  • Ultra-Soft, Reversible
  • Teal & Purple Fleece
  • Easy Clip-On Installation
  • Machine Washable
  • Available in Two Sizes:
  • Large 17 x 13 and Small 14 x 12

Cozy Cube
The Perfect Hanging Cubby 
for Your Critter!
  • Ultra-Soft, Teal & Purple Fleece
  • Easy Clip-On Installation
  • Machine Washable
  • 9 x 9 x 12"


Hide & Seek Tunnel
The Perfect Place for Your Critter to Play, Hide, Burrow, and Explore!
  • Ultra-Soft Teal Fleece
  • Machine Washable
  • 40 L x 5.25 D"
Busybody Blankie
A Perfect Place for Your Critter to Burrow and Explore!
  • Ultra-Soft, Teal & Purple Fleece
  • Stringed Puffballs for Playful Recreation
  • Machine Washable
29" x 23" Shelf Cover, Top Pan Cover, and Bottom Pan Cover

Shelf Cover, Top Pan Cover, and Bottom Pan Cover
Provides Traction and a Pleasing Touch for Little Critter Feet!

Ultra-Soft, Teal & Purple Fleece
Pan Covers Feature Easy Slip-Over Installation; Shelf Cover Installs Easily with Hook & Loop Fastener Straps

Nation Kits Available!

(Nation Cage Sold Separately)
NA-KIT1 Includes: (2) NA-SC Shelf Covers, (1) NA-HKS Hammock Hideaway
NA KIT2 Includes: (2) NA-SC Shelf Covers, NA-RC3 Ramp Covers, NA- PCT Top Pan Cover, NA-PCB Bottom Pan Cover
NA-KIT3 Includes: NA-CB-Cozy Cube, NA-BLKT Busybody Blankie, NA-TNL Hide & Seek Tunnel, NA-HKS Hammock Hideaway

Nation Accessories:
  • Custom Designed to Fit Ferret Nation® and Critter Nation™
  • Scatter Guards, Privacy Covers, Ramps, and Shelves
  • Designed to Complement Your Nation Cage

From MidWest Homes for Pets, a full line of accessories custom designed to fit Ferret Nation® and Critter Nation™ cages! Nation Accessories™ Privacy Covers, Scatter Guards, extra Shelves, and External Ramps . . . all easy to install and remove for cleaning . . . and designed to enhance your Nation cage.
Scatter Guards: Keep Litter and Debris in the Cage and Off Floors!
Add 4" of depth to your Nation pans with our custom scatter guards! The interlocking pieces clip securely on to pans and are easy to remove for deep cleaning. The Lower Level Guard has notched cutouts for use with an external ramp. The black Hammertone powder-coated finish makes the guards an attractive addition to your Nation cage!
  • Interlocking Pieces are Custom Designed to Fit Your Nation Pans
  • Easy Clip-On Installation
  • Sturdy and Secure . . . Won't Fall Off 
  • Clean the Pan With or Without Removing the Guards


Privacy Cover
Provides Pet the Environment they Instinctively Need and Desire!
  • Shelters and Protects Pets from Drafts
  • Hook & Loop Tabs Allow Full Length Front Panels to be Secured in Multiple Positions
    for Door Access
  • Allows Pet Access to Covered or Exposed Areas
Nation Shelf
  • Easily Removable Height Adjustable Shelf
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ramp Not Included

External Ramp
  • Includes Ultra-Soft, Teal & Purple Fleece Reversible Ramp Cover
  • Attaches to Cage With or Without Scatter Guards

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