The Bird Recreation Center and The Parrot Playstand

Bird Recreation Center


  • The perfect complement to any cage!
  • Ideal for small-to-medium-sized Parrots
  • Interlocking panels allow quick and easy, no-tools assembly
  • Provides your Parrot a safe and fun place to perch while he’s outside his cage
  • Two stainless-steel food cups
  • Three wood perches
  • Ladders
  • Removable toy hooks
  • Perimeter seed guards that cover the entire stand and minimize messes
  • Interchangeable slideout pan and floor grate levels
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy movement
  • Available in Platinum, Pearl White, and Ruby


The Bird Recreation Center from MidWest Homes for Pets includes a lower removable grate and three wood perches to keep your Parrot both comfortable and busy! What’s more, it provides two food cups to keep your Parrot nourished and two removable toy hooks you can accessorize so he can entertain himself at will. Most of all, though, the Bird Recreation Center gives your Parrot FREEDOM! And when it’s time for him to go back in his cage, you’ll appreciate how the size and simple construction this accessory make it easy to take down and stow away.

Parrot Playstand


  • Ideal for small-to-medium-sized Parrots
  • Constructed of sturdy 304-grade stainless steel
  • Powder-coat finished in Platinum
  • Quick and easy, no-tools assembly
  • Wood perch
  • Large stainless-steel tray helps keep stand surroundings clean
  • Stainless-steel cups
  • Removable toy hook
  • Locking casters – for secure positioning when locked, easy mobility when unlocked


True to form, we at MidWest Homes for Pets designed the Parrot Playstand to meet our strict requirements for safety, innovation, and good looks. Also true to form, we offer it at an economical price! You’ll find the Parrot Playstand ideal for small-to-medium-sized Parrots. Like our Bird Recreation Center, it too provides everything your Parrot – and you – could want: just check out the great list of features above!

Whether you need to entertain your Parrot while cleaning his cage, or he just needs a change of scenery, our Bird Recreation Center or Parrot Playstand will fit the bill!

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