Products to Enhance the Natural Sociability of Rabbits and Bunnies

There’s real science behind our rabbit and bunny cages, hutches, exercise pens, and cage accessories. But, then, science helps shape pretty much all our pet products. In this instance, we invited experts to educate our Research and Design team about the needs of small animals, and in the process, got particular insight into rabbit behavior. We learned, for example, that rabbits are especially bright, loving, and social animals that thrive on everyday interaction with other rabbits and with humans. So, when we set about designing our various rabbit enclosures, we took what we learned from the experts, melded it with our own expertise in wire product manufacture, and voila!: we came up with what’s become one of the most respected and best-selling lines of rabbit and bunny products on the market!

MidWest’s penchant for innovation is clearly evident in our rabbit cages and hutches – our exclusive Wabbitat® lines. Among their innovations are features that make them especially easy to clean. Not only are rabbits and bunnies kept healthier and happier, but their owners stay a lot healthier and happier too!

For the many who know us, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Our products for rabbits and bunnies are manufactured – like every MidWest product – under the strictest quality-control procedures. These include daily checks during each production operation as well as random, full-scale inspections throughout the year.

Explore our website and you’ll discover everything we have for the proper care of rabbits and bunnies – all of it developed after careful study of what rabbits and bunnies and their caretakers need. And if you’d like further information, contact MidWest Homes for Pets™.

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