Puppy Playpens

  • Superior-built playpens protect your pups and support proper hygiene
  • Finished in attractive, durable Satin Black electro-coat
  • Top and side openings provide convenient puppy access
  • Adjustable floor grid keeps dogs elevated and clean
  • Pens fold flat for easy transportation and storage
  • Safe and secure slide-bolt latches
  • Two tough, easy-to-clean plastic pans with a unique, mess-preventing "gap cover" to fill the space between them
  • Available in two vinyl-coated floor-grid options: ½-inch or 1-inch grid spacing,

The MidWest Homes for Pets Puppy Playpen is designed specifically with breeders and show enthusiasts in mind. It provides puppies with a safe, adjustable space of their own and you with an easily maintainable puppy environment. Top and side openings allow convenient access, while strong slide-bolt latches keep puppies safe and secure within. A durable, protective, easy-to-clean vinyl-coated floor – with a ½-inch- or 1-inch-spaced grid – makes it easy to provide for proper puppy hygiene. So too do the leak-proof, easily cleaned plastic pans our Puppy Playpens provide.

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