Hoppity Habitat Rabbit Hutches

  • Feature durable, weather-resistant, easy-to-clean composite plasticwood
  • Come in a unique and attractive gray-tone woodgrain finish
  • Include a spacious fenced run with galvanized wire mesh for protection from predators
  • Upper level provides privacy and shelter
  • Locked gabled roof opens for full interior access
  • Exterior lift-top has a predator-proof latch
  • Secure locking roof opens for full interior access
  • Safe & secure latched wire mesh door
  • Floor tray slides out for easy cleaning
  • Quick and easy to assemble in just 30 minutes with one or two people

If you’re looking for a place to keep your furry companion safe and secure, look no further than MidWest Homes for Pets’ Hoppity Habitat! Built for convenience, comfort, and longevity using durable composite plasticwood, Hoppity Habitat has an attractive finish that will look great in any setting. This material is weather-resistant and built to last. The angled roof of the habitat directs water away for added protection against the elements. Your furry friends will love the lower-level open-air run, which allows them to hop, stretch out, and enjoy a more natural environment. The galvanized wire mesh promotes adequate air flow even as it protects your pets from critters outside. The lower level features an easy lift top with a secure, predator-proof latch, allowing only you access to your pet for petting, cleaning, and feeding. The convenient ramp leads to the spacious second level, where your rabbits will find extra protection against the elements and a place for time alone. The latched wire mesh door lets you access your bunnies easily while also serving as a window where they can take in the view. Then there’s the Hoppity Habitat’s easy-lift top. It offers full access into the upper level for cleaning and feeding. It’s equipped with a lock, too, so you know your rabbits will remain secure. And finally, the slide-out removable tray also simplifies cleaning. Just remove it, spray it down, and you’re done!


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