K9 Kennel® Chain-Link Kennels

  • Quick, easy setup and portability – that’s K9 Kennel®, The 30-Minute Kennel!
  • Easily repositioned
  • Safe, strong, and stable rounded-corner design also simplifies setup, eliminating the need for traditional hardware
  • Strong, secure steel-frame, chain-link construction
  • Convenient, one-latch door operation allows you to open and close the door easily while handling your pet
  • Sunscreen included – attractive, protective woven polyethylene fabric that provides 80% sunblock
  • Model K9644 – a complete, UPS-shippable kennel in a single carton – particularly versatile in letting you position the door on an end or a side

MidWest Homes for Pets is proud to offer a trusted, affordable primary outdoor containment solution for bigger dogs. The K9 Kennel® features strong steel frames and secure chain-link construction. Rounded corners provide extra stability, security, and safety as well as setup ease. Several sizes are available. Plus, every model comes with an attached sunscreen to keep your dogs cool and provide them with greater protection against the sun.

Your bigger dogs will take to the K9 Kennel® right away. So will you when you see how quick and easy its patented design makes setting these cages up, positioning them, and repositioning them!

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