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Your pet’s comfort is a top priority. We understand that, being pet owners ourselves. That’s why we’ve invested so much over the years to develop what we and, clearly, pet owners everywhere believe is the finest pet bedding on the market.

Our many decades of experience in the pet industry have helped us produce several lines of superior-quality bedding, each of which enhances the relaxation your pet craves – while satisfying your sense of style. Our bedding isn’t just meant for dogs, either. We also designed it to accommodate the lazy, languid lifestyle of cats. And who’s to say other kinds of pets wouldn’t enjoy it too? (Well, okay: probably not fish!)

Specifically, we offer cratebeds, plastic carrier beds, orthopedic sofas and nesting beds, polyfill pillows, indoor/outdoor beds, boutique beds, ultra-rugged beds, reversible mats, double-bolster beds, and EcoSpring® beds made from recycled plastic. Whew! That’s quite a list of products providing the perfect pet pampering!

But, then, that’s what people expect from MidWest. They also expect exceptional manufacturing from us. And our pet bedding is exceptionally well made. Be aware! Not all beds are made like a MidWest bed! For instance, all of ours have been washed 100 times to ensure that they’re completely washable. We guarantee our pet bedding material won’t bunch up and render a product useless. From our original Quiet Time® Fleece to our Defender™ Series pet beds infused with Teflon™ fabric protector, MidWest bedding will continue to provide your pet with the perfect lounging retreat for many years, whether it’s placed in a crate, left out in the open indoors, or used outdoors.

Want to know more about our specific pet bedding products? Explore our website. And be sure to contact MidWest Homes for Pets™ if you need help choosing the bedding that’s best for your pet.

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