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CatalogProduct Catalog
Part #5014 
Contains individual flyers on all MidWest products. Back of flyers contain product specifications and line art.  
Available free of charge.

"A Guide For Raising Your Puppy"
Part #5003 
Contains the "why's" & "how's" plus "do's" and "don'ts" of crate training. 

Wire Brochure Holder
Part #5005 (for use with #5003 & #5013)
This wire holder is designed to hang on your crate display. It holds either of the brochures illustrated above.  
Available free of charge.

Breed Size Chart
Part #5007 
Shows which MidWest homes are recommended for most breeds of dog.  

Puppy Training Tip DVD Video
Part #5009 
Starring noted trainer Brian Killcommons, this DVD video explains the basics of crate training, gives helpful tips on puppy care, teaches basic training commands, and helps make dog training easy & fun! Perfect in-store viewing for potential puppy owners! Minimal for details.

Why Crate Train? Chart
Part #5501 
Explains the reasoning and importance of crate training. Quick and easy read for potential puppy owners! Available free of charge.


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