Do's and Don'ts of Crate Training

DO... a MIDWEST Home large enough for your dog when he grows up.   However, if the home is too big when your pup is small, he may eliminate in one corner, then go to another corner to sleep.  MIDWEST Divider Panels are available to solve this problem.
...get your pup used to his new home gradually.

...provide soft, washable bedding in the home so that it is comfortable and warm.  Make the inside of the home as cozy as you can.  Keep it clean and free of fleas.
...supervise your pup anytime he is free in your home.  Supervision is what allows you to direct behavior.  Chewing, elimination, barking, and all other behaviors are all dependent on your direction.  If allowed to be unsupervised, he will begin to direct his own behavior and schedule.
...leave your very young pup in his home all day.  At 6 weeks, a pup can hold his bladder about 4 hours, by 8 weeks—5 hours, by 12 weeks—6 hours and by 5-6 months a pup should be able to "hold it" for an 8 hour work day.
...put “housebreaking pads” or newspaper in your pet’s home.   We are trying to take advantage of the pup’s natural instinct NOT to go in his home.

...let your new pup roam through your house unsupervised.  Keep an eye on him so that when he sniffs and circles (an indication he is about to go) you can quickly and gently guide him to the door and outside.
I see a shoe!!!

...force your new pup into the home for the first time.  Plan on taking plenty of quality time with him the first few days to get him accustomed to his new surroundings.

...punish your pup by putting or forcing him into his home.  Your pup’s home should be his secure place, it should not be associated with punishment, fear, or anything negative.
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