Black Crate Mats -General Images


Web Ready images below vary in sizes from thumbnail to 450p wide at 72 dpi and a Hi-Res 300 dpi, RGB, .jpg image (these files were saved from the original 300 dpi, CMYK, .tif images).  When it has full loaded, (Windows) right click on the image, and click "Save Picture As..." (Mac) hold down the "apple" key and click the image and save.

IMPORTANT!!! The Hi-Res images are more than likely larger than your monitor screen. Your browser may automatically resize the image to fit your screen. If you copy it when you browser has resized it, you won't get the full sized image!

If you're going to print with these images, don't forget to convert the image back to CMYK when you're saving it.

If you don't find an image you've seen before, or wonder if there might be a different variation of the image, please contact us.

We will update these pages as needed.  Please see the "Last Revised" date on the "Downloadable Images" main page.

Black Crate Mat Size Layout- Hi-Res

Black Crate Mat Size Layout-ThumbNail

Black Crate Mat Size Layout-Small

Black Crate Mat Size Layout-Large

Black Crate Mat in Select-Hi-Res

Black Crate Mat in Select-Thuumbnail

Black Crate Mat in Select-Small

Black Crate Mat in Select-Large

Black Crate Mat in Select (White Background)-Thumbnail

Black Crate Mat in Select (White Background)-Thumbnail

Black Crate Mat in Select (White Background)-Small

Black Crate Mat in Select (White Background) -Large

Paw Pleasing-Hi-Res

Paw Pleasing-Thumbnail

Paw Pleasing- Small

Paw Pleasing-Large
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